For over 50 years, St. Emile School has provided a quality Catholic education for families in Winnipeg’s St. Vital area and surrounding communities. Here are just a few of the reasons why parents and students love St. Emile:

Pre-Kindergarten Through Grade 8

When you choose St. Emile, you know that your child has a place to learn and grow for years to come. We offer a full-time pre-K program, a full-day, every day (5 days a week) kindergarten program, and grades 1-8.

A Faith-Based Education

St. Emile School endeavours to create a welcoming and nurturing setting where children can deepen their faith with God and celebrate their belonging. This includes student prayer ministers, morning prayers, Christmas concerts, monthly masses, daily faith instruction and more.

A Challenging & Enriching Education

From buddy reading to student council, volunteer opportunities to middle school exams and high school prep, our students are engaged and challenged right from the start

A Lower Staff to Student Ratio

We have more Educational Assistants per capita than most educational institutions and have resources in place to meet the needs of children with extra needs. We are a tight knit community where you can expect your children to get the care they need and beyond.

Convenience for Parents

From our before and after school programs running from 7am-6pm to our convenient location on St. Anne’s Road, we do everything we can to make life a little easier for parents of St. Emile children.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Students are encouraged to develop leadership skills and responsibility through activities such as community service, student council, school lunch monitors, school safety patrols and UNESCO council

Extracurricular Programs & Real Life Experiences

Our sports program includes volleyball, basketball, badminton, running club, track and field, plus our Hockey Canada Skills Academy. All students take violin between the grades of 3-8, plus we have a great choir program and rock band as an option. We also have overnight trips starting in grade 5, including skiing, camping, and an out of province trip in grade 8.

The Only Catholic UNESCO School in Manitoba

We are the only Catholic school in the province with a UNESCO designation. This program helps our students develop a passion for human rights, environmental sustainability and social justice.

Emotional Literacy Through Roots of Empathy

Our trained Roots of Empathy instructors help children reflect on their own feelings and the feelings of others using a baby from the community as the focus. This program has proven effective in reducing levels of aggression and bullying among school children while raising social/emotional competence and increasing empathy

Our Approach to Faith

St. Emile School endeavours to create a welcoming and nurturing setting where children can deepen their faith with God, celebrate their belonging, encompass His love and spread His good news through daily life.

A Community United by Faith, Kindness and Respect

We are proud to have a diverse student population at St. Emile, with people of all religions and cultures. Bringing all of these cultures together is a deep sense of community, with a focus on respect for others, respect for themselves and charity.

We welcome people of all backgrounds to St. Emile, and have found that people of all faiths enjoy participating in our religious programming.

At St. Emile, we are proud to offer:

  • A caring faith-based community
  • Daily prayer and monthly mass
  • Celebrations of the liturgical year
  • Opportunities for spiritual growth through various student retreats and activities
  • Vibrant and spiritual Christmas concerts
  • Strong commitment to community service and volunteering
  • Student prayer ministers
  • Daily faith instruction and community faith retreats
  • We are a satellite chapter of the Society of
St. Vincent de Paul

St. Emile School at a Glance

Our School Facility

  • Founded in 1960
  • SMART Boards in every classroom
  • iPads for lower grades
  • Chromebooks for upper grades
  • Shops, home economics,
speech therapy and psychologist services
  • New playground
  • Three-phase expansion planned

Religious Instruction

  • Daily prayer
  • Monthly mass
  • Celebrations of the liturgical year
  • Daily faith instruction
  • Student prayer ministers
  • Traditional Christmas concerts

Leadership Opportunities

  • An active student council
  • Grade 5 safety patrols
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • School lunch monitors
  • Multi-grade buddy system for a variety of school activities
  • Roots of Empathy & Emotional Literacy programs
  • We are a UNESCO school

Sports, Music and Extracurricular

  • Strong intramural and extramural sports programs
  • Hockey Canada Skills Academy
  • Enhanced student travel program starting in grade 5
  • Dynamic music program including violin and rock band
  • School choir
  • Shops, home economics,
speech therapy and psychologist services
  • Opportunity to participate in regional and provincial science fairs (We boast gold, silver & bronze medals!)

Full-Day Programs from Pre-K through Grade 8

  • No split-grade classrooms
  • Before and after school care programs 
from 7am-6pm
  • Full-time Pre-K program
  • Full-time kindergarten program
  • Free supervised lunch program
  • Full-time resource support for K-8

A Private School Experience

  • Uniforms
  • Affordable fees
  • Religious instruction
  • Emphasis on academic excellence
  • An inclusive setting that welcomes all learners and faiths

A Strong Sense of Community

  • A caring family environment
  • A strong interaction with parents
  • Outstanding staff who follow the best practices and most current research in education
  • Vibrant and supportive parent association and school board
  • Community building events
(movie nights, annual welcome BBQ, etc)


As parents of a middle years, special needs child – we found acceptance for him at St. Emile – along with ongoing support and commitment to meeting his complex learning needs – adapting his program every step of the way. This flexibility and creativity has allowed him to meet grade milestones and achieve much success! The feeling of community that exists at St. Emile School is inclusive and nurturing as families should be!

– parents of one of our students

In education, we know that there is a need for effectiveness of instruction in the academics but also in social and character development. Schools need to address behaviour and discipline to create
an environment that facilitates learning. To create a positive learning environment, social skills and character development must be taught to the entire school population.

At St. Emile School through the many programs offered and the approaches taken by the staff, I believe that the objectives outlined above are identified, worked toward, and met on a regular basis.

For example, music, dance, the Christmas Concert, the auditions, UNESCO, to mention a few programs woven into the fabric of the school, all serve to enrich the learning environment of the students contributing to their social and character development.

– grandparent/guardian of one of our students


We offer children in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade Eight a varied learning environment that is faith based, academically challenging and community minded! Please browse our website and feel free to contact us for further information.